Antipodean Killin' Machine

January was a month filled with haunting reminders of how much I like music from New Zealand and Australia. First off, Andrew got Flight of the Conchords Season 2 on DVD for Christmas, so we spent a day watching New Zealand's fourth most popular guitar-based digi-bongo acapella-rap-funk-comedy folk duo.

Then I got a hankering to listen to New Zealand's third most popular '80s band The Chills.

Which led me to track down my favourite song by New Zealand's second most popular '80s band, Split Enz.

One of my favourite videos of all time: Hunters and Collectors Talking to a Stranger.

On Friday we had a lovely dinner at Vicky Bell's place. Australia's The Triffids Raining Pleasure</a> came on the ol' iTunes. Made me stop in my tracks. Always did.

And yesterday Pauly Fuemana from OMC died. While his hit How Bizarre</a> was not obscure. I thought it seemed like a strange close to a month spent (musically) down under.

2010 Get Rich Quick Schemes

Here's a money making scheme that I had over the holidays — one that fully exploits my knowledge of obscure 80s music. Here's the plan: We start a band that does covers of songs that were before there time (making sure that there are some originals in the mix because publishing is where the money's at). We call that band Torontula and get my nephew Justin to be the front man because he is young.

I pitched this idea to Justin. He said he was in as long as we weren't called "Torontula."

I also invented a new word. It is a verb describing the act of getting your nephew to front your band because he lends an aura of youth to the project. I call that word "youthinize."Cassandra has suggested that while it sounds good on paper, when spoken aloud it has other connotations.

Anyway, while looking for obscure 80s music to cover, I rediscovered this awesome video for Kissing the Pink,’s Radio On. Which gave me another idea: Become a video director and just "appropriate" cool videos from the 80s instead of creating new mis-en-scenes.

RIP Roland S. Howard

If you hadn't heard, but Birthday Party guitarist Roland S. Howard died on Dec. 30.

I was a Proto Goth in the 80s and I still love the shambolic dark music of bands like the Cramps, Birthday Party, Gun Club and X. So I've been searching the interwebs for some of my faves. Here's one I bet you haven't heard before: Kid Congo Powers La Historia de Un Amour.

Kid Congo played with both the Cramps and the Bad Seeds. Some other fun facts about this video and song:

La Historia de Un Amour was produced by Robin Guthrie from Cocteau Twins, shot at Wigstock by Liz Seidman, and edited by Douglas Hart whom was the bass player in Jesus and Mary Chain. Barry Adamson plays bass on this and and Steven Young from MAARS (Pump Up The Volume) programed the drums.

Boosh! Boosh! Stronger Than A Moose!

This morning, Andrew and I were doing laundry. During the drying cycle Andrew went for a little walk (I stayed at the laundromat to read about RPattz in Entertainment Weekly.

Whilst walking, Steve from Magic Pony accosted Andrew to tell him that The Mighty Boosh Action Figures we wanted were finally in -- after a year!

P.S. Vince isn't dead, he just can't stand up on his own.

Snappy Comebacks To Stupid Humans

So today I was crossing the street at the lights at Queen & Niagara. Because the walking man signal came on, and because I assumed the cyclist barreling down the road would wither stop or do that lazy ass thing where they run the red but go around you, I crossed.

Anyway the cyclist running the red became angered that she had to in anyway adjust her path or speed for someone legally crossing at an intersection and sarcastically yelled "Thanks for nothing" at me. So I said Oh you don't have to thank me for making your running at red light more difficult." Or something like that. And she said. "Oh fuck off!"

What I should have said back was this: "My ears are not toilets! Mind your ruddy language, Madam."

I am committing this phrase to memory as my universal comeback for all pickles and conundrums.

Alcohol is Your Yoga, Baby

Andrew was listening to Tones on Tail's Go this morning. It made me want to go dancing in some dark, dank club. I couldn't find a video for it, so instead I'll share Love and Rocket's Yin and Yang (the Flowerpot Man).

In a related note, I got a pair of 99 cent leggings at the Laundry Mart. They were dusty old back stock left behind by the old owners. I felt a flood of nostalgia for late 80s, early 80s leggings when I put these German made babies on. They made me want to dance in a dark, dank basement with concrete floors sticky and smelly from beer.

The End Times Are Nigh

Looks like I picked the wrong week to start a new diet.

Seriously, they are selling this at the CNE. My latest money-making scheme is to have a restaurant that sells Ex food -- Tornado Potatoes, Deep-Fried Mars Bars and 99 cent Spaghetti -- all year round. I'm going to call it "Reckless Endangerment".

And on weekends, we'll have Brunk.

Please Come To This Garage Sale

It's end-of-summer cleaning time, so we're involved in a Garage Sale this Sunday. All the nifty things pictured above will be available for cheap, cheap, cheap (the most expensive thing is the modernist vase and its $15).

Check the link above and pictures below for details...
garage sale 2garage sale 3

One Movie I Saw and Two Movies I Can't Wait To See

AK and I went to see Ponyo this weekend. It is a wierd and beautiful movie. Not to sound too much like a critic, but it was an ambitious failure -- too much scope equals too many themes that are unresolved or even simply dropped. But still, better to see an ambitious failure than an a prefab, market researched jumble like Transformers II.

Also saw the new trailer for Where The Wild Things Are:

I love the book and am not sure if the Spike Jones/Dave Eggars reimagining will square with my memories, but I'm still gonna see this movie. We also saw a preview for The Fantastic Mr. Fox:

I've never read the book, so no chance that childhood memories will override the story. And the stop motion animation looks great, but AK has qualms about the voice talent. Too obviously George Clooney.