bobloblog (bobloblog) wrote,

One Movie I Saw and Two Movies I Can't Wait To See

AK and I went to see Ponyo this weekend. It is a wierd and beautiful movie. Not to sound too much like a critic, but it was an ambitious failure -- too much scope equals too many themes that are unresolved or even simply dropped. But still, better to see an ambitious failure than an a prefab, market researched jumble like Transformers II.

Also saw the new trailer for Where The Wild Things Are:

I love the book and am not sure if the Spike Jones/Dave Eggars reimagining will square with my memories, but I'm still gonna see this movie. We also saw a preview for The Fantastic Mr. Fox:

I've never read the book, so no chance that childhood memories will override the story. And the stop motion animation looks great, but AK has qualms about the voice talent. Too obviously George Clooney.
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