bobloblog (bobloblog) wrote,

Alcohol is Your Yoga, Baby

Andrew was listening to Tones on Tail's Go this morning. It made me want to go dancing in some dark, dank club. I couldn't find a video for it, so instead I'll share Love and Rocket's Yin and Yang (the Flowerpot Man).

In a related note, I got a pair of 99 cent leggings at the Laundry Mart. They were dusty old back stock left behind by the old owners. I felt a flood of nostalgia for late 80s, early 80s leggings when I put these German made babies on. They made me want to dance in a dark, dank basement with concrete floors sticky and smelly from beer.
Tags: go, love and rockets, tones on tail, yin and yang (the flowerpot man)
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