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2010 Get Rich Quick Schemes

Here's a money making scheme that I had over the holidays — one that fully exploits my knowledge of obscure 80s music. Here's the plan: We start a band that does covers of songs that were before there time (making sure that there are some originals in the mix because publishing is where the money's at). We call that band Torontula and get my nephew Justin to be the front man because he is young.

I pitched this idea to Justin. He said he was in as long as we weren't called "Torontula."

I also invented a new word. It is a verb describing the act of getting your nephew to front your band because he lends an aura of youth to the project. I call that word "youthinize."Cassandra has suggested that while it sounds good on paper, when spoken aloud it has other connotations.

Anyway, while looking for obscure 80s music to cover, I rediscovered this awesome video for Kissing the Pink,’s Radio On. Which gave me another idea: Become a video director and just "appropriate" cool videos from the 80s instead of creating new mis-en-scenes.
Tags: get rich quick schemes, kissing the pink, torontoula
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